Final assignment drop-off

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Hello Time-based 2,

You can drop your final assignments off to Tom Wilcox in rm JS219  anytime BEFORE 10 am on Tuesday April 14. He will make a drop box for the class that you can put your assignments into if he is not around.

Please make sure to put your DVDs (and any outstanding print documents) in an envelope and to label BOTH the DVD AND the envelope with the following information:

YSDN 3013 (s) Time-based 2 Communications 2
Instructor: Mary Daniel
Your Name
The date.

NOTE that unless you have arranged otherwise with me, I am expecting 2 DVDs for Project 2
– 1 containing a Quicktime data file of the project
– 1 containing the authored DVD (playable in a DVD player).


Thanks for your participation in the course, and for making it an interesting one to teach. I will forward you comments and grades within a week of receiving your final projects.



Last class

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Looking forward to seeing your Project 2 pieces next class.

Week 11 reminders

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I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to this past week.

A reminder that, unless you have arranged with me otherwise, I am expecting everyone to present a rough cut of your Project 2 in-progress next class. For those of you doing Option C of the Research Project, please also have a sample of your tests & trials, accompanied by a brief description of your aims, process, and learning, posted to the blog.

Revised Project 2 deadlines.

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Week 10 – Mar 20 Research Project due: options A & B.
Desk crits: work on Project 2 and/or Option C Research Project.
Review Research Projects

Week 11 – Mar 27 Research assignments due: option C.
Project 2 rough cuts due for presentation and peer feedback.
Lect/demo: finishing for exhibition/ distribution.

Week 12 – Apr 3 (Last class) Crit: Project 2 final cuts, including sound, text, et al.
Work on DVD interface and additional elements.
Complete Design Journals.

Fri April 10: FINAL Deadline to hand in revised and polished version of Project 2, on dvd.
Design Journals evaluated.

one vs several fascinations

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Hello Time-based 2,

On closer review of your project 2 proposals, I have decided to simplify and allow students who want to concentrate on ‘communicating the drama or poetry’ of one fascination only (instead of 3 or more) to do so.

Please bear in mind, however, that I am still challenging you to make a work that has a certain thematic or dramatic resonance, and asking you to avoid concentrating on technique at the expense of meaningful communication. If you find yourself struggling to turn your idea into something more than an exercise in technique, you are more than welcome return to the idea of threes for inspiration. Likewise, if you have had brilliant (simple, elegant) ideas as a result of trying to integrate three or more fascinations, please do keep them.

For Week 9

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A reminder to all that I am expecting you to have a hard copy of your Project 2 Proposal ready for the start of this week’s class. The proposal should include a storyboard or thumbnail sketches as appropriate. See ‘Project 2: proposal guidelines’ for details. If you can post an initial version to your blog Thursday night I can be better prepared to offer feedback and suggestions in class time.

I am also expecting Research Proposals from students planning to do Option C of the Reseach Project. You can treat this as one element of your Project 2 proposal if you wish.

I plan to reserve at least an hour of next class for independent project work. Please come prepared to work on Project 2 or your Research Project (if related to Project 2).

Note that, unless we have agreed otherwise, this coming Friday is the last date to post your Technical Exercise 2 for evaluation.

Please see your email inbox for customized reminders and expectations.

Looking forward to your ideas.

Journal Exercise 4: describe the light

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Observe and describe the light falling onto a particular object, or on the objects of a particular space. Try to 1) describe it in 200 words or less. 2) describe it in only one sentence.

Bear in mind all its characteristics: direction, colour, specularity (hard/soft?) and intensity, including contrast, fall-off.

Notice the source of the light. What it is about the source (distance? size?) that makes the light look like it does?